Mircești Winery launched two new wines

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Mircești Winery has two new wines in its arsenal: Feteasca Regală 2023 and Fume Blanc 2023; two wines in different styles that can equally surprise you.

Feteasca Regală comes from a plot of 0.4 hectares, from an altitude of 320 meters (that is, one of the “highest” vineyards in Moldova), planted in 2012.


Straw-yellow throat with greenish reflections, with an above-average aromatic intensity (exactly the range of summer fruits you can find in the market now: summer apples, apricots, peaches), with a well-integrated acidity and medium alcohol. A perfect summer wine: savory, full of finesse.


On the other hand, Fume Blanc, from the Bardul din Mircești series, represents a wine of a completely different philosophy. We are talking about a Sauvignon Blanc, from 10-year-old vines, from “Dealul Pietrăriei”, the harvest of 2023, matured “sur lie” in wooden barrels for eight months.


The wine is complex with aromas of jasmine, honeycomb and tropical fruit, with an intense taste that comes in many layers. The oenologist gives it a consumption peak of the next 5 years, although it seems to me that this period can easily be extended.


You can find them in wine shops, but it would be best to taste them on the spot, there in Mircești, where you will see a mansion of all the beauty.

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